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The Newcomer Interview Experience

Newcomers face unique challenges during their job search. They often have better skills than competing candidates, yet they don't get hired. Why is that? A newcomer's interview has to be strategic to compete against other candidates applying for the same job. Mistakes must be avoided. Specific hiring concerns need to be addressed correctly to get the job. Your resume also needs to be written in a way that creates interview activity. New immigrants don't have local workplace experience that employers prefer but you can get around that. How? By not saying or doing the wrong things, and by putting focus on your strengths. Click below to learn about the newcomer interviewing experience, issues, and challenges you will face. Learn what it takes to get a job. Learn about common mistakes newcomers make during their job search. The next page also contains employment information comparing newcomers to native-born candidates.

Learn about the Newcomer interview experience

What is “123 GET A JOB” all about?

We provide free job help to newcomers, for getting jobs in the USA and Canada. We're a team of career insiders (experienced headhunters), who truly enjoy working with newcomers. Moreover, we have excellent track records of getting job offers for newcomer candidates. What makes us different is; 123getajob is not an agency. We don't find vacant jobs for you (that's easy to do). Instead, we help you get more interviews and teach you to perform better at interviews - "For each company YOU submit a resume to!" How? You find the jobs you want to apply to and then YOU submit your resume directly to those companies. We help and advise you "before and after" you submit that resume. We'll be with you at every step of the hiring process - your personal behind the scenes job coach. This includes resume tips to get interviews, interview questions help, tips to have better interviews, plus much more. Best of all, It's FREE! Newcomers can sign up for a free membership! Our team will help with each and every job you apply to. Our advice is invaluable to recent immigrants because we share years of resume and interview feedback from actual employers (our clients). We know what employers say about newcomers, regarding their resumes and interviews. Click below to learn about the feedback.

Feedback on Newcomer resumes and interviews

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Newcomers Job Help Tips

     Professional Newcomer "To Do's" For Better Success

  • Be westernized or appear as westernized as possible
  • Your resume should get you an interview, not hurt your chances
  • Avoid typical resume and interview mistakes that Newcomers often make
  • Prepare properly for the interview
  • Answer interview questions in a way that puts to rest any concerns about hiring a Newcomer
  • Follow up after the interview, in a strategic way
  • Don't sell yourself short at the offer stage

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Information for Newcomers

This job search help site is for professionals when they first arrive in the United States or Canada, seeking their first job in North America. We also help new immigrants up to about 2 years of being here - if they find themselves unemployed due of layoffs, company relocations, restructures, closings, etc. We can help shorten that employment gap too!

We specialize in helping Canadian and American immigrants within the IT, Engineering, Accounting, and Healthcare fields. Many other fields too. From "Junior Level" to "Senior Level Management" jobs.

We DO NOT have anything to do with immigrating you to North America. We DO NOT arrange for work visas or company sponsorship. We can only help once you are here, or already approved to work here.