About Us

Learn how to avoid common Newcomer mistakes

123getajob is a free help website for professional newcomers to the USA & Canada who are pursuing a job. We provide free information, guidance, and advice to improve your chances of getting a job - at every stage of job searching and the hiring process. Our online career advisers will analyze your resume and give feedback to get more interviews, and we provide 24/7 question and answer email support. For newcomers needing more extensive help, the premium membership includes live interview preparation sessions (by telephone), and a copy of 123getajob's "Interviewing Guide for Newcomers". We offer newcomers free membership or paid membership options.

We are powered by career industry insiders with many years of experience, covering all professions and industries across North America. We help you with resume content and submissions, interview preparations, job interviews, job offers, and everything else relating to job hunting and the hiring process. Our career advisors have successful records of working with newcomers and teaching them how to overcome immigrant roadblocks, and to avoid common mistakes during the hiring stages. This website helps newcomers compete much better against native-born job candidates.

We share real-life insider feedback from Hiring Managers and HR Managers, regarding thousands of newcomer resumes and interviews which they have been involved withWith this information you can avoid mistakes that other recent immigrants have made, mistakes that cost them job offers and interviews. This information will level the playing field for newcomers. We do everything we can to help you shorten the time-frame for getting a job and it provides you tips for more success at every stage of  job hunting.

We are most effective with newcomers when they first arrive in the USA or Canada, up until about 2 years of being here. We say 2 years because it’s not unusual for recent immigrants to be out of work (at some point) due to layoffs, company relocations, closings, etc. in their first couple of years in North America. They can find themselves once again not being able to find a job for a long period of time.

We specialize in helping professional newcomers within the IT, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, and Healthcare fields - plus other professions. We have experience in all industries and all levels of positions, from "Junior Level" to "Senior Level Management" jobs. However, we don't help with general labor types of jobs.

We do not have anything to do with immigrating candidates, nor arranging for work visas, or getting companies to sponsor you to come here. We can only help once you are already here - or if you have already been approved to come here.

The objective of 123getajob is to help or aid newcomers in their job search by providing and sharing experiences, knowledge, strategies, and opinions from experienced career industry insiders who have track records of representing immigrants successfully. We strive to help newcomers achieve employment more successfully and in a much shorter period of time. We are not an agency, and we don't find jobs for candidates (that's the easy part), we are strictly a collective team of career advisers (with experienced headhunter backgrounds). We will teach you how to improve your resume before applying to a job, and give you advice for interviewing and preparing for an interview after you apply to any job. Newcomers can join for free and connect with our advisers inside the members area.