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Top Sites For Uploading Resume, Job Postings, Getting Recruited, and Career Tips

(Links will open in a new tab) for job search is a powerful job search engine and our favorite site to recommend to newcomers. It's the #1 site for job seekers. You can upload your resume for free and also apply to job postings. You can keep your resume private and just apply to jobs, or even better, make it public and get recruited for jobs. This site is heavily used by internal recruiters, human resource staff, hiring managers, and headhunters who are searching for candidates. It gets results! Besides applying to jobs, there is a wealth of information on job trends, salary statistics, and lots of helpful information to aid you in your job search.

CareerBuilder (USA) and (Canada)

CareerBuilder is also an excellent free site. It's one of the biggest job sites with a massive amount of jobs. You can also upload your resume so it can be seen by hiring people. Employers can find you without even applying to jobs. It's a popular choice for job seekers and that's why they get more than 20 million unique visitors per month. CareerBuilder can also suggest jobs to you, based on your resume content.

Monster Jobs (USA) and (Canada)

Monster is one of our longtime favorites and we highly recommend using it as one of the tools in your job search. It's one of the biggest job sites in the world and definitely the most established. Having been around for more than 20 years, they attract a lot of well-known and very large employers who post large quantities of jobs. Again, your resume will be searched by internal recruiters, human resource staff, hiring managers, and headhunters. They go on Monster to find candidates for their vacant jobs. One of the things we like best about Monster is that you can take advantage of the valuable advice and job search resources they provide on their site. Advice to help you with interviews, resumes, and even for researching salaries. Great site for newcomers.

SimplyHired Job Search (USA) and (Canada)

SimplyHired is another powerful job search engine. They aggregate their job listings from just about every online source you can think of. They are all about jobs, and being able to search a variety of sources from one website. SimplyHired sources their jobs from other job boards, company career sections, social media, and numerous other types of websites. The site is very user-friendly, with a clean design and no clutter. They also have a great blog which provides excellent advice to job seekers. Lastly, they have a really handy salary calculator (USA site only), for researching salary information for thousands of different careers. Compare your salary with average salaries, based on location and job type.

LinkUp Jobs Engine (USA) and (Canada)

LinkUp is a job search engine that is very unique and that's why we like it so much. LinkUp aggregates their job listings directly from company career sections - only. Just like SimplyHired, their website is extremely user-friendly and simple to use, with outstanding search features. When you find a position you like, one click sends you directly to the employer website and you can apply to that job. Many jobs posted on employer websites are not posted anywhere else, they are off the beaten path. That means less competition for you and access to jobs you may not have seen posted anywhere else. These jobs are for medium and large companies and the listings are current.

LinkedIn Professional Network

LinkedIn is the largest and best social networking site for professionals. Your profile is your resume, it contains all the important details that employers need to know about you, your skills, and your employment history. You can connect and network with other professionals, search and apply to employer job postings, and employers can also contact you. A big percentage of their members are recruiters, human resource people, hiring managers, and headhunters who are searching profiles to find job candidates. This is a great way to market yourself and connect with people who hire.

Glassdoor Jobs Reviews (USA) and  (Canada)

Glassdoor is the site to join for researching potential employers and comparing salaries. This is a career community sharing valuable insider information about specific companies, salaries, interviews, and much more. Former and current employees tell you what it's really like to work at their company. You will have access to more than 8 million company reviews and you can even view salary reports from specific employers. Who has a good benefit plan and who doesn't? Who pays less than market value and who pays their employees well?  Regarding jobs, Glassdoor also has millions of searchable listings. Moreover, you can see the company rating within each listing.