Choosing A Membership Plan – Newcomers & Recent Immigrants


 Determine A Membership That's Best For You

Free Membership

  • You have a limited budget
  • Currently close to getting a job and just have a couple questions
  • You are pretty good at interviewing, have good communication skills, good soft skills, and confident in your abilities to get a job offer soon
  • Currently employed and not really looking to change jobs for a few months
  • If you just want to check us out first and not rushed to find a job
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Deluxe (Most popular)

  • Been trying to get a job for more than 30 days and not seeing potential job offers or interest from employers
  • You want to be proactive in your job search and want to make every effort possible to shorten the time it will take to get a job
  • Resume has been submitted to lots of companies but you’re not getting interviews
  • If you've been to a few (or many) interviews but nothing happens afterwards
  • Interviews felt awkward and feedback you received didn’t make sense, or you disagreed with the reasons of rejection. (feedback may have been sugar-coated)
  • You don’t have a headhunter or feel your headhunter isn't investing time on you, or you don't have a professional friend network to seek advice
  • If you struggle with English (Reading, Writing, or Verbal)
  • You've had several bad interviews
  • You are a shy or quite person and need more confidence in your interviews, or don't fully understand the North American workplace culture
  • Large employment gaps on your resume
  • You realize the value in getting advice from experienced career insiders and appreciate how this will give you an advantage over your competition
  • You know that one single mistake can be enough to cost you a job, so anything you can do to improve your performance will improve your chances of getting a job
  • Lastly, you're ambitious, motivated, and focused on doing whatever it takes to improve your chances to get a job. You recognize that our paid membership costs less than one or two days pay, and every day you are not working is a day’s pay lost
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This may be the plan for you if much of the Deluxe scenario applies and also……

  • You've been job hunting for several months with no success
  • You need much improvement in one or more stages of the hiring process
  • You want to double the amount of live one-to-one phone preparation sessions with a career expert
  • Currently outside of North America but moving here in the near future
  • You want to take advantage of doubling what Deluxe offers at a huge discount (only an additional $60.00) and feel better knowing you have 60 days of professional support
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