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Newcomer interviewing adviceWe're glad you’ve shown an interest in getting free interviewing help. You will also get a free resume analysis, including feedback to fix problems or make improvements. Your resume will be analyzed by an experienced headhunter, not by software. Let us impress you for free! Our free membership is often all you will need, and there is absolutely no obligation to upgrade. For candidates that want take advantage of our more extensive help options, pay memberships plans are available at any time. They include the 38 page "Interviewing Guide for Newcomers"

Let’s get right to it. Our site isn’t about "general" career tips and advice. We give resume and interview advice that's tailored specifically to recent immigrants, interviewing in the USA or Canada. You can ask questions and seek advice 24 hours a day in the members area. Other career advice sites are helpful but don’t address the specifics of a newcomer interviewing. That's what makes us different. We do address these unique issues. Including the employment barriers that newcomers regularly face throughout the entire hiring process.

Native-born candidates don't face the same obstacles and hurdles as a newcomer interviewing for the exact same job. We'll educate you about the fears and concerns many interviewers have in regards to hiring a newcomer. You`ll learn how to address those issues head-on, and put them to rest. We'll show you what to do with resumes, to get more interviews. Then you will learn how to best prepare for your interview. You'll get great tips and advice for having better phone or in-person interviews too. Moreover, learning to avoid the mistakes that other newcomers frequently make. The types of mistakes that prevent candidates from getting interviews and job offers.

We offer 3 levels of  membership:

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For now let’s just focus on the Free Membership. You can get info about the Deluxe and Premium plans in the plan comparison chart, on your way to the FREE MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP PAGE.

Included with the Free Membership:

  • You can upload your resume and we will look it over thoroughly. We'll point out any mistakes or issues we find on your resume (if any). We give improvement advice too.
  • In the free members area you can submit questions directly to employment experts. These can be any types of questions, relating to any stage of the hiring process. Ask about resumes, interview preparations, interviews, offer letters, or anything else relating to a  job search or the hiring process.
  • You can renew this every 7 days
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If you're a Newcomer interviewing for a job in the USA or Canada, we can help you!


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